ACCEO and you: a winning combination!

At ACCEO, all our activities, all our solutions, and all our services are designed to optimize your business processes, maximize your productivity, and accelerate your growth. Our consulting experts are here to meet your needs!

To us, “Programmed for your performance” is more than just a tagline – it’s a promise.

Our world in action

A leader in the Canadian IT industry, ACCEO Solutions Inc. (“ACCEO”) specializes in the design, implementation, integration, and support of management and accounting solutions, and in the development of e-business operations. We also offer expert technical, consulting, and payment solutions services. ACCEO Solutions’ clientele consists of SMBs of all sizes, medium and large businesses, municipalities, and financial institutions.

Our goal is to provide products and services tailored to your industry

We offer a range of fully integrated products and services to optimize a company’s business processes, enhance its e-business operations, and maximize the return on its IT investments, tailoring our offering in accordance with the specific characteristics of each company’s business reality.

Our vast client base and our technological capabilities not only make us uniquely suited to develop e-business operations opportunities which establish connections between SMBs, medium and large companies, municipalities, financial institutions, and government bodies, but they also enable us to deploy management solutions perfectly adapted to all manner of professional realities.

A past which guarantees the future

ACCEO’s approach is one of organic expansion, and the company is actively pursuing its growth strategy through targeted acquisitions in vertical markets and promising locations. This approach enables us to bring together a critical mass of knowledge, experts, and specialized products, which, in turn, allows us to provide an offering which responds to the needs of various types of organizations and industries, attracting an ever-increasing number of clients. Since 1988, ACCEO Solutions has been on a path marked by a series of significant partnerships and acquisitions which have borne witness to the company’s success.

ACCEO’s acquisitions have enabled the company to broaden its scope, to complete the shift from being a services provider to being a products and services provider, to expand its client base internationally, and to break into new vertical markets.

Our mission, our vision

An ongoing promise

Simple and effective business solutions which enable our clients to maximize returns on their IT investments

Our spheres of competence

Consulting, development, implementation, integration, support

A shared vision

To accelerate companies’ e-business operations

A Blend of Creativity, Passion, and Remarkable Talent at ACCEO

In our company, success is everyone’s business! The collaborative efforts of all our employees help us maintain our position as a market leader.

Day after day, nearly 1000 people work diligently towards a single goal: to provide our customers with the best IT products and services available. It’s our way of showing how much we care about all the people who have put their trust in us; it’s our way of saying thank you. We know that ACCEO’s reputation depends on the actions and decisions of all the members of our team, and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that all professional and business transactions comply with the strictest rules of ethical conduct. We foster a sense of pride in the company and we strive to cultivate our relationships with our clients and suppliers, our business partners, and the community.

We endeavour to stimulate our employees by providing them with fulfilling and career-furthering challenges, and by helping them to hone their skills, we build long-lasting ties with them. Truth is, the average number of years at ACCEO is 6.5, which is a lower turnover rate than elsewhere in the industry!