Advising and Support for Issuers, Acquirers, and Processors

Our expertise: NFC, contactless, and EMV solutions

The central processing systems of issuers, acquirers, and payment networks make up the core of the payment system. ACCEO has the highly specialized expertise necessary to support these critical infrastructure elements.

Our clients are card-issuing financial institutions, acquirers, and providers of transaction-processing services (processors).

Our collaboration on chip-card (EMV and contactless) migration projects with Canada’s largest financial institutions makes ACCEO a key player in these projects.

Our experts are involved at every level of a project: operational, technological, and strategic.

  1. Strategic advising, solutions architecture and release strategy
  2. Processing infrastructure, payment switches, authorization systems, and back-office systems
  3. Card management, issuance process, and card customization
  4. Payment terminals, acceptance solutions, and ATMs
  5. Certification, rollout, and optimization of operational processes

Payment system

We carry out the following main types of project:

  • Large-scale integration
  • Development of specific applications
  • Long-term contracts for solutions evolution and maintenance

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Some examples of projects and project roles carried out for issuers and acquirers

Principal integrator for migration to chip and contactless cards

  • Management and coordination of technology suppliers involved in financial-institution project
  • Strategy and coordination of testing
  • Management of the implementation of BASE24-POS and BASE24-ATM payment switches
  • Management of certification of card payment network, network interfaces, and ATMs

BASE24 switch system evolution, maintenance, and support team

  • Application evolution and maintenance
  • Maintenance of compliance with payment-network requirements
  • Round-the-clock production support

Development of payment applications

  • Development and maintenance of payment-terminal software (tabletop terminal, short- and long-range wireless terminal, semi-integrated solution)
  • Integration of loyalty applications into stand-alone payment terminal (POS)

Implementation and evolution of technology infrastructure for terminal-equipment management and merchant support

  • Implementation of a service-centre management solution in accordance with ITIL methodology
  • Integration of download tools for terminals and development of a planner enabling download optimization
  • Integration with acquirer and service-provider operational processes
  • Project management, architecture, and quality assurance

Support for S1 system migration

  • Development of specific functions in switch (S1 Realtime) and in back-office (S1 Office) functions for Canadian and American clients
  • Support for testing, certification, release, and post-implementation activities

To learn more about our payment services and solutions, call us at (800) 471-7161 or contact us.