Our Fields of Activity

SaaS and Cloud Solutions

Mobility is becoming increasingly important to a company’s operations. More than ever, managers need to be able to run their businesses from wherever they find themselves – whether they are in an office or on the road. The answer? A made-to-measure SaaS or cloud-computing on-line management solution.

With the same functions as traditional ERP software, this innovative and flexible platform enables on-line management of operations which is reliable and secure, safeguarding the confidentiality of your data. Designed for all types of activity, the future is here!

Accounting Systems

Solid accounting practices are a mark of a company’s soundness. A high-performance accounting software system can thus be the cornerstone of a company’s longevity. It provides flexibility and simplicity, facilitating operations of any degree of complexity and guaranteeing reliable and responsible financial management.

Payment Solutions – Consulting

Electronic payment solutions are at the centre of on-line and traditional payment systems. It takes highly specialized expertise to interconnect and support acquirers, issuers, processors, and merchants. We offer payment solutions consulting services of all kinds: strategy, advising, consulting, support, integration, implementation, maintenance, and evolution.

Consulting Services

When it becomes too difficult to carry out a project alone, you need to turn to the specialists. Our consultants are expert strategists whose goal is to help you improve your IT services and increase the return on your IT investment. Strategic planning, advising, and technology project management: call on the services of our professionals to ensure your company’s success.


The proper use of technology gives a company an essential competitive advantage. Our outsourcing services combine flexibility and customization to ensure that you are getting the most out of your IT systems. Whether yours is a maintenance, development, security enhancement, or training project, turning to us for your outsourcing needs guarantees high-quality development.

Payment Solutions

Every day, millions of credit, debit, loyalty, and chip card transactions take place within a system which interconnects financial institutions, merchants, and consumers, and in which there is no shortage of payment methods to be found. Because our company plays a key role at the very heart of this system, we are able to provide reliable, flexible, and secure integrated and semi-integrated payment solutions to merchants of all types and sizes.

Payroll Solutions

A fundamental element of its operations, a company’s payroll system needs constant attention. Payroll software solutions offer a number of advantages, enabling employees to securely access information from anywhere and at any time, establishing simple and efficient management and distribution structures, and saving a business a noticeable amount of time and money. Because they require far less paper than traditional methods, payroll solutions make companies more eco-friendly by considerably reducing their paper consumption.

Combined with a high-performance accounting solution, a payroll solution becomes even more useful!

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence (BI) software enhances strategic decision-making by combining performance, accuracy, and flexibility of use. It ensures more effective decision analysis and strategic management of operating activities by providing interconnected information of the highest precision through multi-source data association. Entirely integrated, our BI software is an authentic technological breakthrough, helping a company understand, anticipate, and respond to client trends and needs, no matter how demanding.

ERP Solutions

As a company grows, its business management generally becomes more complex. An ERP system makes it possible to control and optimize the management of all a company’s activities. It reduces costs and speeds up turnaround times by centralizing multiple kinds of operations. It provides an enhanced overview of the status of activities, enabling informed decision-making. It increases productivity and customer satisfaction. In short, an ERP solution allows a company to seize new opportunities in its activity.

With speedy rollout, a quick return on investment, and intuitive use and budget planning, an ERP system is a dependable solution!

Municipal Management Solutions

Managing a city is as complex an undertaking as running a business, except instead of meeting customers’ needs, the goal of municipal management is to meet citizens’ needs. To ensure maximum synergy between human, technical, and financial resources so that the best possible services are available, municipalities require sound management solutions. Such solutions enable city managers to perform their duties easily and effectively.

Travel Solutions

The increasingly widespread use of the Internet and the resulting changes in consumer behaviour and expectations mean that the tourism industry is being faced with new challenges. Today, travelers want access to a full range of products and services which offers all the advantages possible, and they want this for a lower price. Travel professionals have had to anticipate and adapt quickly in order to continue satisfying market demand. We provide innovative tools which give travel professionals the most detailed view possible of the availability of hotels, flights, and other travel products, and which facilitate travelers’ decision-making process, giving our clientele a significant competitive advantage.

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