Acceptance and Amendments to the Terms of Use

Please read carefully the terms and conditions of use that follow (“Terms of Use“) by which you, as a user, agree to be bound by using or accessing any component of the online environment of ACCEO Solutions Inc. or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “ACCEO”) which is made available to you, inter alia, in order to provide you with transactional services or information relating to businesses, activities, products and services offered by ACCEO, including the main website of ACCEO www.acceo.com, the electronic [exchange/transfer] platforms ACCEO offers, its payment gateways and any other current or future website, online portal, or downloadable software application published or put on line by ACCEO from time to time (collectively, the “Platforms”).

For the purposes hereof, the Platforms include, without limitation, the equipment, software, and network and back-office components used in order to provide functionality for said Platforms.

By using these Platforms, you acknowledge your acceptance of the Terms of Use without modification or qualification. Said Terms of Use apply to each and every use of the Platforms, both current and future.

ACCEO may, at any time and without prior notice, amend the Terms of Use by publishing a new version thereof on the Platforms, in which case the applicable amendments will be notified to you and will automatically apply upon your first use of the Platforms subsequent to such notification.

If you do not accept any of the Terms of Use, or any amendments thereto, as applicable, you shall refrain from accessing, viewing, consulting or downloading the Platforms or their content, nor shall you obtain or order products or services through the Platforms or use them in any other way whatsoever. If you do not comply with the Terms of Use, you will immediately, without further notice or delay, cease from being authorized to access and/or use the Platforms.

Ownership and Copyright

You accept and acknowledge that the Platforms and all original works contained in the Platforms, including any work resulting from the selection or arrangement of any part of original works, belong to ACCEO are protected by copyright. You shall not, without prior written authorization from ACCEO, perform or authorize any act which applicable law reserves exclusively for the holder of the copyright of an original work. Publication by ACCEO of files or any other information (“Content”) on the Platforms does not constitute a waiver by ACCEO of any copyright in respect of the original works of which it is the holder.

Subject to the limited authorization set forth in the Section below entitled Limited Use License, and unless otherwise authorized in writing by ACCEO, you shall not produce, reproduce, publicly present, publish, translate, transform, adapt, publicly communicate by telecommunication, record, post, broadcast, or distribute in any way whatsoever the Platforms or their Content which belongs to ACCEO, in whole or in part, except as provided as part of the authorized use of the Platforms in accordance with the Terms, as the case may be.

User Content

Insofar as Content belongs to a user of a Platform, said user shall ensure that use of such Content with the Platform does not infringe upon any applicable statutory or regulatory requirements or third-party rights.

Limited Use License

ACCEO grants you a limited, non-exclusive, and revocable license to use the Platforms and to view, consult, download and use Content which is voluntarily made available to you by ACCEO through the Platforms, provided that: (i) legends of Content ownership are not removed on copies thereof, (ii) Content is used solely for internal purposes and not for resale or distribution purposes whatsoever, (iii) Content is not copied or published on a network computer or broadcasted through any means whatsoever, (iv) no modifications is made to Content, and (v) no representation or warranty in respect of Content is made or given to anyone.

This license shall automatically be terminated if you do not comply with the Terms of Use. Moreover, this license may be terminated by ACCEO at any time, without cause, prior notice and at an inopportune time. Upon termination of the license, you shall destroy all copies of any Content in your possession, at your disposal or under your control, except for your user Content, as the case may be.

Prohibited Use

You agree not to use any automatic device, online service, program, algorithm, method or similar or equivalent manual process, to access, reproduce, or monitor any part of the Platforms or their Content for any purpose whatsoever, including to obtain or attempt to obtain Content by any means other than those authorized by ACCEO.

You agree not to obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorized access to: (i) the Platforms, (ii) other systems or networks connected to the Platforms, or (iii) a product or service offered on or through the Platforms by any means whatsoever, including by hacking, scanning or password mining.

You agree not to (i) probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of the Platforms, (ii) bypass any security or authentication measures on the Platforms, or (iii) use the Platforms in any way to extract or access Content other than that which ACCEO voluntarily makes available to you.

You agree not to use any means whatsoever to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the Platforms, including any action which imposes or may impose excessive stress or load on the Platforms or their infrastructure.

Unless you benefit from a written trademark license granted by ACCEO to that effect, you agree not to use, record or adopt, as a trademark or otherwise, any of the following: (i) terminology which contains or corresponds to any of the trademarks or trade names of ACCEO, or (ii) terminology bearing such a resemblance thereto that there is a significant likelihood of its confusion with any trademarks or trade names of ACCEO.

You agree not to access the Platforms or their Content nor to use or allow use or access thereof or thereto with a purpose considered illegitimate or unauthorized under the Terms of Use, or, without limiting the scope of the other provisions of the Terms of Use, in contravention of any applicable legislation or regulation, including as regards export matters.


You agree to indemnify and to hold ACCEO, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and other representatives harmless for and from any damage resulting from your breach of the Terms of Use, or from your inappropriate use of the Platforms, their Content or the trademarks or trade names of ACCEO.

Additional Terms and Conditions

You agree to comply with all the additional conditions of use corresponding to parts or specific functionalities of the Platforms, which are integrated into the Terms of Use by the present reference. In the event of a discrepancy between the Terms of Use and such additional conditions of use, the latter must prevail with respect to your use of the aforementioned parts or specific functionalities of the Platforms.

ACCEO Obligations

Where applicable, the obligations of ACCEO in respect of its products and services shall derive solely from the contracts specific to each of its customers pursuant to which such products or services are to be provided. No component of the Terms of Use, Platforms or Content shall modify such contracts.

At any time and without prior notice, ACCEO may make changes to products or services offered through the Platforms or to the prices applicable to such products or services. Content related to such products and services on the Platforms may become obsolete, and ACCEO shall be under no obligation to update or maintain Content on the Platforms regarding such products and services.

Protection of Personal Information

ACCEO complies with the requirements to which it is subject under the applicable Canadian laws governing the protection of personal information.

Links to Other Websites

The Platforms may contain links to websites which do not belong to ACCEO and over which ACCEO has no control. You acknowledge that ACCEO is not responsible for such websites and is not required to perform any examination, control or monitoring regarding, without limitations, the accuracy, completeness or relevance of their content. The presence of links to such websites on the Platforms does not imply their endorsement by ACCEO. If you access any such website through a link on the Platforms, you acknowledge that you are doing so independently, voluntarily and at your own risk.

Disclaimer of Liability and Warranty

ACCEO does not warrant that the Platforms, their Content, or any Platform services or functions are free of defects, bugs or interruptions, or that any defects, bugs, or interruptions will be corrected, or that use of the Platforms will produce specific results.

The Platforms and their Content are provided “as is”, without any express or implied warranty, including warranties respecting accuracy, non-infringement, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. ACCEO does not warrant that Content of the Platforms, including downloadable Content, is free of computer viruses or other disruptive components.

ACCEO reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate at any time and without prior notice, access to the Platforms or their operation, in whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever, including for the purposes of their maintenance, the correction of defects, or other changes.

ACCEO disclaims any responsibility for the actions, omissions or behaviour of third parties with regard to your use of the Platforms or their Content. You shall be solely responsible for your use of the Platforms and their Content. Your only recourse against ACCEO in the event of dissatisfaction regarding the Platforms or their Content is cessation of their use.

Except where prohibited by law, under no circumstances shall ACCEO be held liable to you or a third party for any damage whatsoever related to the Platforms or their Content, including, without limitations, any damage caused by noncompliance, error, omission, interruption, erasure, defect, delay, computer virus, crash, theft, destruction, denied access, or force majeure, regardless of the basis for the claim and even if ACCEO has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

Comments, Suggestions, and Ideas

You agree that any comments, suggestions, or ideas which you provide to ACCEO through the Platforms will be deemed non-confidential, and that ACCEO is free to use such comments, suggestions, or ideas without limitation and without obligation to anyone.