Hubiz Revenue Management

Hubiz Revenue Management (Hubiz RM) is a revenue optimization and decision-making tool. Through numerous dashboards; the provision of ready-to-use indicators, alerts, forecasts and automated recommendations offer a reactive and proactive management of key activities, such as inventory management, assessment of client and product profitability and costing.

Hubiz RM can be integrated with any reservation or pricing system or be used independently.

Hubiz RM Features

  • Management of inventory and operational budgets
  • Revenue and yield management module
  • Stocks and “at risk” commitments monitoring
  • Profitability analysis (contracts, clients, sales, etc.)
  • Piloting forecasts and recommendations
  • Integration with any reservation or pricing system

More details…

  • Adapted to an important and/or complex stock management situation
  • Multiple data sources aggregation
  • Security and prioritization of data and results
  • Extensive business rules library
  • Rich set of configurable rule parameters
  • Monitoring sales representatives’ performance based on generated margin
  • “A la carte” integration of Hubiz RM modules
  • Dynamic margins’ assessment
  • Dynamic analysis and forecasting of demand and consumption
  • Sub-performing and critical situations detection by prioritized user-configured alerts
  • Business indicators personalization
  • Operational and commercial recommendations calculation
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