Lexo Packaging Engines

Lexo Packaging Engines is a software suite for all tourism actors that wish to manage and sell many travel component types, packaged and distributed through a variety of sales channels and tools.

LEXO Features

  • Solution based on the leading and most performing Business Rules Management System
  • Dynamic assembly of all components of a travel package
  • Booking engine with dynamic pricing computation
  • Supply and distribution channels’ control and piloting
  • Multi-source, multilingual, multi-currency, multi-brand

More details…

  1. Packaging: Industrial personalization of travel packages
  2. Pricing: 100% contextual and based on flexible business rules
  3. Booking Engine: Multi-channel and multi-profile booking engine (B2C, B2E, B2B, B2B2C)
  4. Revenue Management Connector: Integrated Revenue Management mechanisms and controls to optimize revenue and occupancy rates
  5. eConnectors: Diversity of external connectors (GDS, Low-cost, Train, Hotel chains or CRS…)
  6. eCatalog: eCatalogue generation of priced and available offers designed to decrease and optimize your operational system’s load and provide relevant data to your partners and e-retailers
  7. Piloting Services: Real time production piloting
  8. Travel Context: Control and segmentation of prices and products
  9. Travel Documents: Supporting personalized, rule-based client document production on multiple media and formats (eDocuments, Print@Home, Mobile, eNotices, …)
  10. Business Rules: In-house management of business rules
  11. Workflow: Task and system messaging management
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